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Available Jobs - All Categories. Empty Available Jobs - All Categories.

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:58 pm
Universal Portal wrote:
Available Jobs - All Categories. SFKTwuE

Republic of Enadia
Department of Employment
E N A D I A N  U N I O N

Welcome in EU's Employment Opportunity section. Down bellow you can find all the appropriate channels to apply for work opportunities in Enadia. Please note that for some jobs an Enadian Citizenship will be required while for some a VISA will do just fine.

EU Borders:

  • Customs and Border Control (Manage Citizenship Applications, Manage VISA Applications)
  • Police Officer (Keep the RMB clean from puppetry attacks, Remove Trollers and Individuals with malicious tendencies in harming, offending or attacking Enadian Citizens)

Click Here - Applications [OPEN]

EU Government:

  • The Presidents Advisory Corp(Help the President with counseling and ideas on how to kick off a good term)

Click Here - Applications [OPEN]

EU Mentorship programme:

  • Enadian Mentors - The Enadian Mentorship program allows individuals of our community. Registered citizens and none, to help new coming nations to adapt and learn their way around Enadia. Our mentors play an important role motivating and pushing our newest members to integrate more and become well-established nations of our Union.

Click Here - Applications [OPEN]

EU Diplomats:

  • Ambassadors - The Enadian Ambassadors work overseas as the highest diplomats of the Enadian Republic. Not only they maintain our official portals consulates and embassies worldwide, but most importantly they serve as a middle diplomatic bridge.

Click Here - Applications [OPEN]

EU Luxford - International University:

  • Be a Professor in Luxford!

Click Here - Applications [OPEN]

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